Friday, January 28, 2011

So many choices!

I can't decide which of these four boots I want to buy. I am in the quest of buying a new pair of boots for my winter collection. Now, the question is... which of the four should I buy?!

                                                               Belted Long boots

Credit to
                                                                    BABS in Natural  
                                                           Was:  $129.95 Now: $49.99

Credit to
                                                                JILLIE 3 WAY BOOT
                                                            Was: $159.95 Now: $99.99

Credit to
                                                              RHONA in Black Suede
                                                           Was: $119 50% discount: $59.50

So readers, which of the four should I buy or none? If anyone know of any good sales on size 5 boots, please share!


Anonymous said...

I like first one (belted long boots) and the last one (RHONA).

che said...

I like the belted long boots, since you can do more walking in them and I like that you can tuck your jeans in :)

Siri said...

Agreed with the above comments. I like the belted long boots the most.

A.Li said...

Thanks guys. Belted long boots it is. =)