Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What were you thinking? #1

Uniquely weird it is! I found my USB card with some old photos in it, and I couldn't help myself but laugh at these outrageous photos that make absolutely no sense or is just plain weird =) Thought I'll share them with my readers, so maybe if you are having a crappy day, you can laugh at them too. 

Guy made his own shoe

<< Sorry for the fuzzy picture but I tried to take it as quick as I could without getting caught! So apparently this guy made his own shoe out of duct tape and wore it around campus exactly like that! Unique yet weird!

Door to nowhere

<<  I wouldn't want to walk out of this door! Where are the stairs?   
That is a LONG way down.

Do Not Enter

<< DO NOT ENTER-- Even if I did, where would I go? I thought this was funny because there used to be an actual entrance there, it just got blocked off. Apparently they built a new apartment complex and decided to block the entrance but forgot to take down the sign.

I hope you guys enjoy the pictures and hope it made your day. Leave a comment to share some outrageous/funny things you have seen.


Francesca said...

HAHA i love finding random old photos. duct tape shoes? a door with no way out but down? or an entrance with no.. entrance? so funny

F. ( x

A.Li said...

Haha, Glad you enjoyed the photos. I'll be sure to put up more whenever I can.