Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Second Round of Reviews

Sorry guys that I was unable to model these clothing. I promise I will actually model the clothes for the next round of reviews as I know some of you prefer to see it on an actual person.

Again, all of these items are authentic. I am going to review three more items so that you guys can get a more detailed review of the quality, style, and craftsmanship.

Review #4
Stock Photo
Actual Photo 1

Actual Photo 2
Rate: 8/10
Designer Brand: Puffy  (Popular brand in Taiwan)
Zebra scarf is included, huge plus. I like this shirt, I really do. The loose fitted style gives any wearer a stylish yet laid back look. Material is made out of knitted cotton making it quite soft to the touch. The shirt color is a bit darker than the stock photo. You can see the actual shirt color in actual photo 1 and 2. Photo 2 shows a loop for the scarf on the back of the shirt along the neckline. I assume this will help keep the scarf from falling off.
The only problem I have with this shirt is that it is humongous at least for petite frame. It will look much better on someone with curves or have an average frame.

Review #5
Stock Photo

Actual Photo 2
Actual Photo 1
Rate: 10/10
Designer Brand: Puffy (Popular designer brand in Taiwan)
I love this open wrap cardigan. It is lightweight but not thin which makes it perfect for layering. I also love the ruffle look that gives this cardigan a sexy yet elegant feel. According to the website description, this cardigan was knitted with pierced decoration. I love the way this cardigan feels and looks. I give it a perfect 10. Craftsmanship for this piece is excellent.

Review #6
Actual Photo 1
Actual Photo 2

Rate: 10/10 
Designer Brand: I. Moda
I love this shirt. It is simple and casual. I can easily pair it with jeans and be on my way. It is made out of cotton and polyester so it is pretty soft. It is also lightweight but not too thin or see through. The one thing I quite don't understand is why they used a safety pin to attach the tag with the designer label. I assume this may be typical in Asia? If anyone knows why, please leave a comment and share with us. 


Maddy said...

Thx. I saw the exact same one (#4) on ebay and am debating whether I should get it. When you say humongous, how big do you mean? Can I pull it off with a belt?

A.Li said...

Thanks for following. When I say humongous, I mean BIG... at least for petite frame. Anyone who is above 5'3" over 100 pounds with curves will fit this shirt really well.
Here are the measurements:
Sleeve: 58 cm
Chest: 67 cm
Waist: 48 cm
Full: 80 cm
Cuff: 39 cm

Thekla said...

like the leggings in the 1st photo:) xx stop by sometime xxx

Maddy said...

Thanks! I wish it came in a smaller size!! I really wanted it. Oh well.