Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Origins Toner and Moisturizer Review

Origins Face Wash
Mositurizer: Left
Toner: Right

I've been searching long and hard for that perfect toner and moisturizer for acne prone and oily skin. I wanted one that would clear my pimples and blackheads. Also, I was looking for one that will leave my skin feeling clean and bright. I wouldn’t say Origins brand line of "Zero Oil" toner and moisturizer is the best of the best but it definitely is one of the best.

My skin type: Oily and combination skin

Zero Oil Toner -$18.50
Rate: 9/10
I had a lot of hope for this toner as I read such great reviews about it on Did it reach my expectation though, yes and no but mostly yes. According to the description of the bottle, it is suppose to clean skin, minimize pores, reduces shine and removes excess oil. Three of the four lived up to its promises. The toner did a great job at cleaning my skin for left over residues, reducing unnecessary shine and removing excess oil. It did nothing exceptional for my pores, although to be fair, my pores are barely visible to begin with. As for acne and blackheads, it did help stabilize it but did not minimum it. After using the toner for over two months, I still get the occasional breakouts on my forehead and blackheads around my nose. Overall, I like/love this toner as my face feels smooth and clean after using this.

This is a great replacement for the United States balancing tonic. I actually like this one a whole lot better.

Zero Oil Moisturizer -$25
Rate: 9/10
I have combination to oily skin and this moisturizer helps control shines in my T-zone while hydrating my dry spots (checks and chin). I've noticed a difference within 2 weeks of using this product as my face was significantly less dry due to the cold weather and I didn't have to consistently wipe away my oily forehead every few hours. It smells great and feels light on my skin giving it the right amount of moisturize. Definitely recommend this product.

I previously used "Matte Scientist" oil free moisturizer before it was discontinued, and I've to say again that I love this product a whole lot better.

Overall, I recommend both products for those with oily skin and combination skin types. It gives great results for the inexpensive price.

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Boots review!

A few post back, I asked you readers to help me choose a pair of boots. After all the back and forth on which pair to purchase, I choose the Belted Long Boots.

Intially the boots is cute but I don't think I am going to keep it =( One, it is too big for me. Two, I think it will suit a taller frame. I really wanted these too! What do you guys think?


 I know it looks a little weird with those jeans but I couldn't find my skinny jeans. Either way, it looks quite similar with skinny jeans.

Rate: 6/10
Not in love with this. The actual color and style is true to picture. I bought these new but it had a few scratches and the material is SUPER hard. A lot bigger than I anticipated.

Monday, February 7, 2011


Went shopping the other day and saw this adorable keychain from HIRAJUKU Lovers collection. I couldn't help myself and bought one. I love their collection especially the perfume!!!

Maybe I'll run by Macys again and purchase another one. Blog give away anyone? We'll see..

Regarding the last post about my dress delimma... I decided and then undecided on which dress I wanted to wear to the wedding. I think I will do a bit more shopping =) I'll definately deticate a post on my final decision.

Friday, January 28, 2011

So many choices!

I can't decide which of these four boots I want to buy. I am in the quest of buying a new pair of boots for my winter collection. Now, the question is... which of the four should I buy?!

                                                               Belted Long boots

Credit to
                                                                    BABS in Natural  
                                                           Was:  $129.95 Now: $49.99

Credit to
                                                                JILLIE 3 WAY BOOT
                                                            Was: $159.95 Now: $99.99

Credit to
                                                              RHONA in Black Suede
                                                           Was: $119 50% discount: $59.50

So readers, which of the four should I buy or none? If anyone know of any good sales on size 5 boots, please share!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

H&M- Out with the old, in with the new!

SALES at H&M. They are getting rid of their winter items and
are bringing in new items for SPRING 2011 for under $15 (most items, not all). So I dragged myself out of my house to the mall today and dug through the sales racks for hours looking to stock on winter clothes. Sadly, most of the good items were gone. However, I was able to find one size 2 gray cable cardigan for only $10. The original price was $34.95. I saved a total of $24.95 =)

Price Tag

gray cable cardigan
Rate: 8/10
I like the quality and craftsmanship of this cardigan. The material is thick and soft, perfect for the cold days. It also comes with an attached hood and a belt to tie around the waist. Although, I bought this in the smallest size, size 2, this cardigan is still a bit big for petite frame. It is loose in the arm area and the sleeves are way too long. This can easily be fixed with alteration. This will fix perfectly on average frame. 

Close up detail
Close up detail of the cardigan. The actual color of the cardigan is dark gray. The color matches with this photo more than the above one. Apprently this cardigan is quite popular as I saw another customer, while waiting in line, buying this exact same cardigan.

Another item I bought is from the SPRING 2011 collection. I was able to take a picture of this sweater in the dressing room before my cell phone battery died =*(

Spring Collection Sweater- Price: $15.95

Rate: 9/10
I love the way this sweater feels. It feels like cashmere but it isn't. Not quite sure what this material is made out of but I know I LOVE it. I also love how it is loose fitted and not too tight. The only problem I have with this sweater is the arm length. The sleeves kind of fall at an awkward angle on petite frame. This sweater is great for casual and for a more dress up look.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What the ladies think of your fashion

First came the article "What the guys think of your fashion". Now it's time for what we think of their fashion. But before we get to that, I want to show you readers another DIY project. I made two bracelets out of natural stone and 22" gauge silver plated wires and 26" gauge sterling silver wires. I bought all the materials from a local craft store called Micheals. My next jewelry project will be for valentine <3. I am also thinking of making valentine cupcakes so don't forget to follow me on my journey.
Bracelet #1
Close up detail

Bracelet #2
I wanted to give this bracelet a more soft natural look, so I hand made the links out of 26" gauge sterling silver wires.

Now back to the article. Truth be told, I don't agree with this article as much as I did with the guy's version of  "What the guys think of your fashion". I don't agree with statement #2 and #6. In my opinion, earrings on any guy is a fashion mistake. Unless you are in a boy band and in high school, I don't see any reason why any guy would want one or two earrings. As for fashion statement #6, pop collar is NEVER okay- not even when you "have the confidence to rock the fashion statement". When I see a guy with his collar popped I think of someone who is full of himself. I am more of a neat, clean-cut GQ type kind of girl =)

Credit to Matt Christensen and on Yahoo. You can read the full article here

What the ladies think of your fashion

By Matt Christensen

Sure, you know what you like to wear, but do you have any clue what your date thinks of your look? With the help of three women and a fashion stylist, we put seven common men’s fashion statements on trial. Which ones will live to see date night — and which will get locked away for good by the fashion police? All rise…fashion court is in session!

Meet the fashion police:
Caitlin, 30, retail, Kansas City, MO
Lauren, 22, marketing, Columbus, OH
Jane, 23, student, Brooklyn, NY
Maria, 27, fashion stylist, New York, NY

Fashion Statement #1: Baseball caps
“A lot of guys actually look cuter with a hat on. It really suits the younger crowd. But it can look strange on older men: What are they trying to hide under there?”
– Lauren

“These are fine for daytime dates, but a chronic display of baseball caps would send up warning flags about hair loss — and the guy’s embarrassed about it.”
– Caitlin

“Guys look hot in baseball caps. As long as you’re in a casual atmosphere, like a sports event or the park, go for it!”
– Jane

“I love guys in baseball caps. Just be sure to give your head a breather every now and then…”
– Maria

The jury says: NOT GUILTY! This fashion statement gets pardoned, thanks to its classic, casual vibe. But you and your cap should spend some time apart, too. Sure, the hat might be hurt, but it’s healthier for the relationship in the long run.

Fashion Statement #2: Earrings
“I don’t think this trend is so bad. Sure, it may be a little ‘boy band,’ but a lot of girls secretly like that.”
– Lauren

“Earrings are OK, so long as they aren’t dangly. Specifically, the boy-band style hoop earrings are atrocious. I went out with a guy who wore them, and it was like staring across the table at a pirate.”
– Caitlin

“Unless your name is Donnie, Joey, Danny, Jordan, or Jonathan, you shouldn’t be wearing one earring. Two is more acceptable, and only if they’re not bigger than a pencil eraser.”
– Jane

“Keep them a decent size, and you’re golden. But once they get too large, no matter how big the diamonds are, it’s time to rethink things. No girl wants a guy with ears like a beagle!”
– Maria

The jury says: SPLIT DECISION! Remember, guys, you don’t want your jewelry to outshine your date’s. Keep your studs understated, and they’ll look cool. But wear earrings that are big and showy, and she’ll be asking, “Hey, where’s your parrot?”

Fashion Statement #3: Bluetooth ear clip
“Guys who wear these clips should always set their phones to vibrate. It’s obnoxious.”
– Lauren

“These are a paradox. On the one hand, they suggest that you are very busy, forward-thinking, etc. But, on the other hand, the only guys who I ever see wearing them are also sporting ridiculously puffy, pleated khakis. Go figure.”
– Caitlin

“Every time I see these, I imagine the guy facing another corporate drone from the opposite end of a fluorescently lit hallway, not a guy who is ready to take me out for the night.”
– Jane

“This look makes women assume that you have 2.5 kids and a golden retriever waiting behind a picket fence in the ’burbs.”
– Maria

The jury says: GUILTY! Ditch them! Bluetooth clips are the fanny pack of this decade and deserve a home in the trash, not on your body.

Friday, January 14, 2011

What the guys think of your fashion

So....ladies, what do guys really think of your fashion? I randomly came across an article and found it quite interesting. I agree with most of the guys' opinions, but I can't believe the majority thinks that UGG is short for UGLY. Oh well, this is one fashion trend I will not give up since UGGS are so comfy.
BTW, I am not quite sure how old this article is.

Credit to Matt Christensen and on yahoo. You can read the entire article here

What the guys think of your fashion

What the guys think of your fashion
It’s no secret that women spend hours trying to figure out what to wear before they head out on a date (or on the prowl for one). But the real question is, what do men think of their efforts? We enlisted four men to act as our own fashion police and tell us what they really think about various fads women seem to keep kicking around. Which ones get their thumbs up, and which get sentenced to life in the bargain bin? Answers ahead.

Fad Fashion #1: Designer sweats/sweats with words on them
“This look always reminds me of self-absorbed teenage girls that hang out at the mall. Did you just come from Claire’s or something?”
– Steve, 31, writer, Missouri

“The words try to make sweats something that they’re not. Sweats should be basic, comfortable, and laid-back. That’s what makes them sexy.”
– Andrew, 25, grad student, Ohio

“With words like ‘juicy’ and ‘pink’ on them, it makes me wonder about what message these girls are really trying to send. Not hot.”
– Joey, 29, analyst, Vermont
“Irony is seeing the word ‘classy’ down a woman’s thigh. Forget trans-fats, these fashion catastrophes need to go.”
– Ed, 29, nightclub manager, Ohio

The jury says: Bargain bin! The sooner you turn these togs into rags, the better. If you want a guy to check out your figure, it’s probably best to not cover it with random adjectives or ad campaigns.

Fad Fashion #2: T-shirts with witty slogans or sayings