Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Origins Toner and Moisturizer Review

Origins Face Wash
Mositurizer: Left
Toner: Right

I've been searching long and hard for that perfect toner and moisturizer for acne prone and oily skin. I wanted one that would clear my pimples and blackheads. Also, I was looking for one that will leave my skin feeling clean and bright. I wouldn’t say Origins brand line of "Zero Oil" toner and moisturizer is the best of the best but it definitely is one of the best.

My skin type: Oily and combination skin

Zero Oil Toner -$18.50
Rate: 9/10
I had a lot of hope for this toner as I read such great reviews about it on Did it reach my expectation though, yes and no but mostly yes. According to the description of the bottle, it is suppose to clean skin, minimize pores, reduces shine and removes excess oil. Three of the four lived up to its promises. The toner did a great job at cleaning my skin for left over residues, reducing unnecessary shine and removing excess oil. It did nothing exceptional for my pores, although to be fair, my pores are barely visible to begin with. As for acne and blackheads, it did help stabilize it but did not minimum it. After using the toner for over two months, I still get the occasional breakouts on my forehead and blackheads around my nose. Overall, I like/love this toner as my face feels smooth and clean after using this.

This is a great replacement for the United States balancing tonic. I actually like this one a whole lot better.

Zero Oil Moisturizer -$25
Rate: 9/10
I have combination to oily skin and this moisturizer helps control shines in my T-zone while hydrating my dry spots (checks and chin). I've noticed a difference within 2 weeks of using this product as my face was significantly less dry due to the cold weather and I didn't have to consistently wipe away my oily forehead every few hours. It smells great and feels light on my skin giving it the right amount of moisturize. Definitely recommend this product.

I previously used "Matte Scientist" oil free moisturizer before it was discontinued, and I've to say again that I love this product a whole lot better.

Overall, I recommend both products for those with oily skin and combination skin types. It gives great results for the inexpensive price.

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