Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Best DEAL of the day

Guys, I have officially fell in love <3  with a cheap pair of slippers that I've bought from Target. This is one of the BEST investment I have ever made. So if you are low on cash and in need of a new pair of shoes/slippers, do yourself a favor and drop by your local TARGET store and buy these

Candra Suede Slippers
Women's Chandra Suede Slippers. You can buy these at your local Target store for ONLY $16.99. I LOVE these slippers. The fur is so soft and fuzzy and it is so comfortable to wear. Best of all it is a slip-on and it keeps my feet warm in most types of weather. I have yet to wear this in the rain so I don't know if it is waterproof or not. I'll let you know when I find out. Anyway, I have worn these slippers through 9-degree weather and light snow, and I have to tell you- my feet stayed warm through it all. The sole on these slippers are made so you can wear it indoor and out. You can go from your dorm room or house to the supermarket or the mall without ever having to take them off. This might not be a pair of UGGS but for the quality and price, I would choose this over UGGS hands down. Ever since I bought this pair of slippers, I wear it more  than I wear my $100+ pair of UGGS. All I know is this is the perfect pair of slippers for me on my lazy days.

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