Wednesday, January 19, 2011

H&M- Out with the old, in with the new!

SALES at H&M. They are getting rid of their winter items and
are bringing in new items for SPRING 2011 for under $15 (most items, not all). So I dragged myself out of my house to the mall today and dug through the sales racks for hours looking to stock on winter clothes. Sadly, most of the good items were gone. However, I was able to find one size 2 gray cable cardigan for only $10. The original price was $34.95. I saved a total of $24.95 =)

Price Tag

gray cable cardigan
Rate: 8/10
I like the quality and craftsmanship of this cardigan. The material is thick and soft, perfect for the cold days. It also comes with an attached hood and a belt to tie around the waist. Although, I bought this in the smallest size, size 2, this cardigan is still a bit big for petite frame. It is loose in the arm area and the sleeves are way too long. This can easily be fixed with alteration. This will fix perfectly on average frame. 

Close up detail
Close up detail of the cardigan. The actual color of the cardigan is dark gray. The color matches with this photo more than the above one. Apprently this cardigan is quite popular as I saw another customer, while waiting in line, buying this exact same cardigan.

Another item I bought is from the SPRING 2011 collection. I was able to take a picture of this sweater in the dressing room before my cell phone battery died =*(

Spring Collection Sweater- Price: $15.95

Rate: 9/10
I love the way this sweater feels. It feels like cashmere but it isn't. Not quite sure what this material is made out of but I know I LOVE it. I also love how it is loose fitted and not too tight. The only problem I have with this sweater is the arm length. The sleeves kind of fall at an awkward angle on petite frame. This sweater is great for casual and for a more dress up look.


che said...

Aww such a cute knit coat, I like but don't really have a use for it where I live.

I also <3 H&M sales, the markdowns are AWESOME, I can't wait till they finish building the one here.

A.Li said...

I know, I LOVE H&M sales too. I think they have one of the best sales =) Too bad we can't buy online too.