Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Boots review!

A few post back, I asked you readers to help me choose a pair of boots. After all the back and forth on which pair to purchase, I choose the Belted Long Boots.

Intially the boots is cute but I don't think I am going to keep it =( One, it is too big for me. Two, I think it will suit a taller frame. I really wanted these too! What do you guys think?


 I know it looks a little weird with those jeans but I couldn't find my skinny jeans. Either way, it looks quite similar with skinny jeans.

Rate: 6/10
Not in love with this. The actual color and style is true to picture. I bought these new but it had a few scratches and the material is SUPER hard. A lot bigger than I anticipated.


curls-and-pearls said...

I agree with you I think you could find better boots. And I hate when boots are hard!
I'm on the look out for a flat pair as well.

A.Li said...

Ohh... let me know if you find a pair!! Good luck. I'll continue my search as well. =)

A.Li said...


I saw this pair of boots on another fellow blogger, Really Petite, and I figured you might like it too.

not sure if you already saw it on her blog or not... but just in case you haven't

I am thinking of buying this for myself now.

good luck with your search.

Anonymous said...

Aww, too bad they're a bit big on you cause they're really cute! Where did you get them?

A.Li said...

They are cute aren't they? I got them from a site called zipia. Its an asian wholesale website in Korea.